Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Even though the games are heating up, that Olympic fever is in the air. As everyone waits to see who will win what, and not just our home athletes but also athletes in other countries. We also celebrate the spirit of the Olympics and the many historic moments that have taken place over the past week and look forward to what moments are still to come. But still, with all that energy and excietment, it’s natural to want to learn everything you can about Olympics past. To soothe that craving, we offer a number of DVDs on Olympics past and the history of the events.

Beijing 2008


If you missed the 2008 Beijing Games or simply want to relive that wonderful summer again, the Beijing 2008 Highlights is a fun way to watch. Relive Shawn Johnson’s amazing gold win on the balance beam, Michael Phelps breaking the record for most medals won in a single games, or Usain Bolt’s amazing gold medal race at 100 and 200 meters. The DVD also includes the beautiful Torch Lighting form the Opening Ceremony, a ceremony that was so popular people still tend to use it as a comparison point for the games a decade later.

Eddie the Eagle

eddie the eagle

If what you’re looking for is more Winter Olympics, then the true story of Michael Edwards, also known as Eddie the Eagle, is a good place to look. Eddie was the first British competitor to place in ski jumping since the 1929 Olympics and he did so on a technicality. Because there was no one else to compete against in Britain, all he had to really do to qualify was pass some sort of arbitrary number in order to place in the Olympics. He qualified as 55th in the world during the 1987 World Championships and went onto the Olympics where he placed last in every competition – but he still came back as a hometown hero. He also managed to get the OIC to pass a rule nicknamed the Eddie the Eagle Rule, that to qualify for the Olympics, a person had to place in the top 30% or top 50 in the world during international competitions before the Olympics. The movie details his downright unbelievable journey, with Taron Egerton starring as Eddie the Eagle.

Cool Runnings

cool runnings

Another story of a win from a sport not widely known in their home country, Cool Runnings tells the story of the Jamaican National Bobsled Team’s debut in competitive sports. The movie is loosely based on the story of the 4-man sled team, fictionalizing the stories surrounding the characters and some of their journey to the Olympics. What is true is still fascinating: lacking the equipment and the weather needed to practice, the team had to borrow old practice sleds and eventually had to borrow one of the backup sleds from another country’s team. They placed last in the 4-man competition, wiping out in the snow during the final race. As the team walked the rest of the race, carrying their sled with them, they were met with applause for their efforts.

The Cutting Edge

the cutting edge.jpg

If the backstage drama of the Olympics is more your style, the romantic comedy The Cutting Edge is the perfect movie. The movie centers around two fictional athletes, Kate Mosely and Doug Doursey. Kate is a spoiled figure skater who has chased away every other partner she’s had with her attitude. After her partner quits, Kate turns to a former hockey player as her last chance to qualify for the 1992 Winter Olympics. Doug Doursey, who was forced to retire from hockey after an injury, joins along for the chance to get on the ice and compete again. Naturally, the two fall in love despite their differences as they train to qualify for the Olympics. The story is fictional and the focus rests on their relationship about as much as it does the figure skating but despite being over twenty years old, it remains a popular romance movie.


The Berwyn Public Library has many more titles relating to the Olympics, whether they be fictional stories, biographical movies, or documentaries on the subject, we have a variety of titles sure to fill that Olympic craze void this ending season is bound to have left. Come check out our display right by the Audio Visual desk!




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