The Incredibles 2

If your movie theater looked anything like mine than it was split down the middle: half was parents with their kids, and half was 20 something-year-olds. It was difficult to tell if the 6-year-olds or the 26-year-olds were more excited about the movie, or who applauded louder when it ended.

Of course, many of those 26-year-olds were children when the first Incredibles movie came out. I’m sure everyone is wondering whether the wait was worth it. In my opinion, it definitely was.

The animation is very impressive. The amount of detail put into each frame is amazing, and the characters are beautiful and expressive. The story-line is also interesting – it takes up exactly where it left off, with the arrival of the Mole Man. The family spends the movie attempting to figure out how to settle into the new family dynamic now that everyone wants to be a superhero, and the fact that their cover has all but been blown.

Much of the movie deals with politics, without getting too confusing. Because the story attempts to follow exactly how this would play out in a realistic way – with Helen attempting to push superheroes back into the public eye in a more positive way – much of the plot follows the political landscape of the Incredibles world. It’s a plot that should get confusing but it’s explained in a way that is simple for a child to understand, and accompanied by a number of brightly lit and wonderfully animated fight scenes as Helen fights bad guys.

Meanwhile, Bob’s story deals with the kids. With an ever-changing family dynamic and a world struggling to keep up with public opinion and changing technology, Bob struggles a lot with keeping on top of his kids – especially the shape-shifting Jack-Jack who’s powers are amazing but incredibly inconvenient for a hapless father.

It’s a wonderful movie with an emphasis on family learning to work together and celebrate each other’s differences.

The movie was worth the wait – though be warned that there are a number of sequences that involve brightly flashing lights that might be a problem for light sensitive viewers or people with epilepsy!