New Streaming Service: Kanopy

The Berwyn Public Library is adding a new streaming service to our list!

Starting today, Berwyn residents will have access to the film streaming service Kanopy.

Kanopy has a diverse collection of movies and documentaries, all categorized in easy to find ways. Many of the movies they have are difficult to find on any other streaming site. Kanopy aims to keep this up, collecting all sorts of movies because they believe film can bridge cultural gaps and bring people together.


Kanopy New
Some of the many movies new to Kanopy this month including: The Young Karl Marx, Polytechnique, Standing Tall, Cloro, Spun, and Six LA Love Stories. Also included are some of the new documentaries including Hitchock Truffaut, Dina, Mademoiselle C., InnSael, Brasilia, and The Cost of cotton.

Once an account is set up, movies can be watched on any device including desktops, phones, Roku, or tablets. They can be watched through the website itself, through iTunes, or even through their app. Once the movies are “checked out” the patron gets three days to watch the film. Each patron gets a total of ten movies to stream per month and the count resets on the first of every month.

The website is pretty easy to navigate. At the top of the page is a browsing section and clicking a genre will take you to that genre’s page. Each of the movie genres has a minimum of four categories: classic, contemporary, world, and award-winning. Most genres also get specific subcategories as well. These are all followed by a list of all the movies in that genre. For example: clicking on comedy movies will bring you to their page. On that page, there are Classic, Contemporary, World, and Award-Winning Comedies. There’s also many subgenres listed such as Horror Comedy, Romantic Comedy, and LGBT Comedy. After the subgenres, the list of comedy movies starts.

But Kanopy doesn’t stop at movies. The streaming service also offers a wide variety of documentaries and non-fiction films. Some of the many categories there include journalism, agriculture, geography, and Indigenous Studies.

kanopy categories
Just a few of the dozens of categories offered from Kanopy.

So does that sound pretty amazing? If you’d like to look around the website and take advantage of this free service, try signing up. Signing up is easy but requires a Berwyn Library Card. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the Berwyn Library Kanopy page here
  2. Click the white “sign up” button in the right hand corner
  3. Fill in your first and last name, as well as an email address.
  4. Check your email for a message from Kanopy  asking to verify your email. Once you click verify, it will take you to another page.
  5. Link your library card to your account. The library card number is the long barcode number on the back of the card. It should start with the numbers “2295700.” You want to put this whole number into the box.
  6. Start watching movies!

Have fun playing around with the site!

Great Courses

If you are the sort of person that loves learning but doesn’t love the prices that come with taking expensive college classes, the Berwyn Public Library is here for you!

Here in the Audio Visual Department, we have offered Great Courses for patrons for awhile. These Great Courses are extensive classes in audio and visual format. Each course is designed by professors that are experts in their subjects. The professors chosen to design a course are screened not just for their academic achievement, but also their ability to make a lecture entertaining.

If making the trip to the library isn’t something you can fit in a schedule at the moment, Great Courses are now offered on Hoopla as audio-books. There are hundreds of courses offered through the site on everything from how to write mystery fiction to robotics to the history of Greek and Roman technology. If you prefer to listen to them at home, they can of course be streamed on a desktop but if you would prefer on the go listening, they can be streamed through the Hoopla app as well.

Great Courses audio-books are available for rent for 21 days through Hoopla. This means that from the moment you click the “borrow” button, the book will appear in your “Currently Borrowed” section for the next 21 days. After 21 days, it disappears. If you have not finished it on time, you can always borrow it again. Patrons who have a hoopla account through the Berwyn Public Library are allowed to borrow up to eight titles in a single month.

Simply log onto Hoopla with your account email and password, type “great courses” in the search bar and then get to learning! If there is a specific subject you would like to look into, just type the subject in the bar and look for a Great Courses entry. If this is your first time trying Hoopla and you are a bit confused, try going here first for a step by step on how to sign up with the site.

Disc Repair Services

Among the many services offered here at the Berwyn Public Library, the Audio Visual Department offers disc repair services.

If you have a disc that is scratched and won’t play, you can bring it into the library and we will fix it. Bring your scratched DVD, CD, or video game disc to our desk on the first floor. There you will be helped as you fill out a simple slip with your name, phone number, and address and drop off the disc. There is a charge of $2 due at the time you pick up your discs, per each disc. We will call you once the repairs are done.

Unfortunately, due to the way our machine is set up, we cannot clean GameCube discs or any sort of disc with a crack in it. But we can clean deep scratches and any other video game disc, as well as Blu-Rays.

And that’s it! It’s not a lengthy process for you and beats out having to completely replace a disc that only has a simple scratch on it.

written by: kassie

Digital Services at The Berwyn Public Library

Here at the Berwyn Public Library we aspire to move with the times instead of against them. Technology changes every day and it’s important for public services like libraries to change as well.

To help patrons who prefer streaming services over hard copies of DVDs and CDs, we allow access to the streaming sites Hoopla, Freegal, and Overdrive through a Berwyn Public Library Card.

If you need help logging into these services or are confused about what they offer, look no further!



Hoopla lets you watch movies and listen to CDs online instead of having to come into the library. You can “check out” a max of eight rentals. These rentals are checked out for a certain amount of time – it ranges from 72 hours to two weeks – and then returns them automatically so there’s no worry of late fees.

Each library gets its own page and its own number of max rentals, but every library has access to the Hoopla database. These movies can be watched on any desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. The CDs and audio books can be streamed right through the site itself.



Freegal is a music streaming website. You can search its system to find the music you want and then download or stream to your heart’s desire. Each patron is allowed up to three hours of streaming per week and three downloads per week. The search engine is also easy to use so finding music isn’t difficult.

A stat counter at the top right hand corner helps you keep track of how long you have been listening and how many songs you have downloaded. It will reset every week.



Overdrive is our free digital library. Here is where you can get access to any of our e-books and audio-books.   There is a ten book limit to how many books you can have checked out at one time.

Accessing Streaming Sites

The first would be through the library website itself. To do it this way, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Berwyn Public Library website and click the “eLibrary” tab.
  2. Click the second link on the page. It should say “Digital Media Services.”
  3. Scroll down until you see the logo of the site you want and then click the logo.
  4. Follow the directions to log in. All four sites will all ask for your library card number and your home library if this is the first time you have used them, so have that at the ready!
  5. Freegal will ask for your pin. This is the last four numbers on your library card.

If you are browsing through our swan catalog, you can also access the sites through there. Say you are searching the name of an author you like. Once the search results come back there will be a number of categories on the left hand side to help limit search results. Under Downloadable Format and Vendor there will be options such as “Hoopla Audiobook” or “Overdrive.”

Checking the box next to one of these options and then clicking “include” will refresh the search results with these limits. Then on the right side next to each item there will be two dark grey buttons on top of each other. The bottom one should say, “Download.”

If you click this, another box will come up prompting you to pick a format such as .pdf or html. Simply choose the one you prefer, and voila, you have your book.

If the box comes up and says “Redirecting” you simply click “Open Content” and your browser will direct you to that page on Hoopla.

written by: kassie