Now In Theaters: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (2017)

Director: Patty Jenkins

Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright

If you grew up in the 70s, you may have watched Wonder Woman the TV series. You know, Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman? Cool arm bracelets that deflect bullets? Golden lasso which can submit any human to tell the complete truth? I watched the TV series in my youth, and LOVED it. I was not convinced this film would do the TV series justice, but it has. Rest easy Lynda Carter fans, the original Wonder Woman went to the Wonder Woman(2017) premiere, and gave the film (and star) her own stamp of approval.

Wonder Woman 2017 - Hollywood Premiere
Star Gal Gadot, Director Patty Jenkins and original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter at the Wonder Woman (2017) Hollywood Premiere – May 2017.

Gal Gadot stars as Amazon Princess Diana (a.k.a. Wonder Woman) in this modern reboot, and she really brings it to the big screen. We get a chance to learn about the origin of Wonder Woman, just in case you are not a comic book reader. The film opens in modern day settings, with Diana receiving a special package at work. She starts to reminisce about her childhood, and the island she grew up. We watch as Diana is learning the truth of who she is, and what she is capable of. With the training, and mentoring of her mom and aunt, she is now ready to set out to fulfill her purpose.

Chris Pine stars as American pilot Steve Trevor, who is on a very important mission when he crashes on Diana’s island. Steve and Diana become friends and allies (and maybe more?). The film is a visual feast for the eyes, so I urge you to catch it on the big screen. At 2 hours and 21 minutes, it may seem long, but it is fast paced and holds your attention. The fight and battle scenes are griping, every frame a cinematic work of art. I am hoping the cinematographer (Matthew Jensen) gets at least an Oscar nomination.


Supporting cast members Robin Wright (as Aunt Antiope), and Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta (Diana’s Mom), are strong, smart, and give Diana everything she needs to make it on her own . The training scenes are amazing. Nothing falls flat in this film, from the soundtrack, to the costumes, to all the brilliant performances, you will not be disappointed. Brava to director Patty Jenkins.

written by: Sandie Neri